Get First Home Ready

The Brisbane Home Show team is excited to present Get First Home Ready, a new interactive and educational feature for 2020 focusing on equipping first home buyers with the right information!


Moving from renting to owning a house is one of the greatest leaps Australians will make in their lives. Equip yourself with the right information and knowledge for the challenge with advice from leaders in the Brisbane housing market.


Tess and Luke

Tess and Luke are the winners of The Block 2019, selling their house for the highest sale price in Block history at $3.620 million. Tess and Luke were the youngest contestants for their season and wanted to show that hard work, determination and smart choices can reward you in life. Luke invested in his first home at the age of 16, and since then has tried to navigate the balance between investing wisely while still having financial flexibility to enjoy life. Together they enjoy renovating, traveling and living within their means. They are excited to share their knowledge about the “do’s and don’ts” when trying to get into the real estate game.

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Feb/March 2020 'Get First Home Ready' Seminar Sessions

The Seminar stage will feature interactive and educational sessions focusing on topics relevant to the first home buyer. See the Feb/March 2020 timetable below for our ‘Get First Home Ready’ sessions.

Saturday 29 February

10am Latemore Design Peter Latemore:
10 Tips before you build or buy your first home

11am Brisbane Home Loans Preparing for your loan and how to get into your first home

11:30am A.L.F. Lawyers Legal requirements for first home buyers

12pm NS Properties Pitfalls when buying your first home

12:30pm Madd Loans What you need to know about home loans

1pm KBDi Helene Newson:
Bathroom tips and advice for first home buyers

2pm Tess and Luke – 2019 The Block Sharing their inspiration, renovations, lifestyle, and experiences. Including Luke purchasing his first home at the age of 16.

3pm Q&A Panel All your favourite speakers in a not to be missed Q&A panel discussing Getting First Home Ready

*timetable is subject to change

15 Questions To Help You With Your Property Dream:

Exhibitors and speakers at The Brisbane Home Show will cover a range of topics suitable to those wanting to buy their first Australian home with a focus on the Brisbane and Queensland market.


Questions you may not have considered regarding owning your first property:

  1. How do I win at auction?
  2. Am I better of buying a stand-alone home, an apartment or a house and land package?
  3. What is a conveyancer? Do I need one?
  4. What happens after my offer is accepted?
  5. What is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS)?
  6. How do I get a building and pest inspection done so I’m not stuck with a collapsing, termite-infested disaster?
  7. Am I eligible for first home grants and assistance?
  8. If I’m planning to rent out my first home what things do I need to consider?
  9. How big should my deposit be?
  10. How do I find a property?
  11. How much can I borrow?
  12. What information do I need for a home loan? Should I use a mortgage broker?
  13. If I’m already in debt will I find it harder to get a home loan approved?
  14. What surprise expenses might I come across and how do I avoid or plan for them?
  15. Should I buy an older home or build a new home?


For many buying a home is one of the biggest investments that they’ll make in their life. The Brisbane Home Show has a range of experts on hand to answer all your property questions and even the questions you hadn’t even considered asking, to help you achieve your property dream.