Eco Town

The Brisbane Home Show team is excited to present Eco Town, a new interactive and educational feature focusing on sustainability and making homes more eco-friendly!

Eco Town Ambassador - WOMBAT

Wombat became a hit on The Block in 2017 by just being himself. This down to earth Aussie larrikin has a strong passion for sustainability and the environment, which shines through in the
way Wombat lives his life and partners he chooses to work with. Wombat believes that if we don’t look after our environment; soon,
there will be nothing left to get out and enjoy. He aims to show people how to make better choices with the products they use and purchase, while understanding where it came from and where it will end up when they are finished with it.

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Main Sponsor

Australian Modular Homes

Australian Modular Homes is a homegrown, Australian owned and operated company, that utilises the benefits of the very latest in modular home designs. Their builds are all custom designed, and are built specifically to suit their customer’s individual wants and needs.

Their custom designs are built using the latest modular products, which means less maintenance, great energy efficiency and sustainability following the move in.

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Eco Town Exhibitors

Flexiskip by Handel

Planning a garden clean-up, a home DIY project or looking to move house? Then, a FLEXiSKiP is the perfect waste collection solution for you. Built light, but tough, each FLEXiSKiP can take up to one tonne of waste (that’s 1000kgs!).

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Eco Efficient House

Technology has quickly become the go-to solution for controlling and automating different aspect of our day-to-day operations. Now, homeowners and businesses across Australia can access advanced automation systems to improve energy efficiency and decrease their energy bills.

Ecoflo Wastewater Management

Ecoflo is the largest composting toilet company in Australia with the biggest range. Providing wastewater solutions in Australia for over 35 years.
Their composting toilets can be used for domestic, commercial, off-grid, camping and accommodation based purposes.

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EVOHeat is an industry specialists in pool, spa, water and space heat pumps. For over a decade they have been building a solid reputation for water and space heating and cooling solutions that are renowned for reducing your energy bills and delivering reliability.


Improve the health and vitality of your garden space with easy to use products, creating a space to relax and rejuvenate.

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Fab Slabs Timber

Fab Slabs is a family owned and operated business and all of their products are proudly 100% Australian made. All cutting boards or chopping boards are milled, kiln dried and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast. Both Paul and Ricky are very much hands on in the production of the cutting boards to maintain a high standard of quality.

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Demonstations and Presentations

Want to learn how you can make your home more sustainable? Then visit the Eco Town Speaker’s Area and listen to some live presentations from industry experts! See seminar timetable here.