Art Space

Visit Art Space, the new art show within the Home Show! Speak to local and indigenous artists, be mesmerised by live art demonstrations and buy a piece for your home!


Artists will be available to discuss their work and talk to you about what would work best in your home.


**Please note: art displayed on this page may or may not be available at the time you visit the Show. Artists will be selling art all through the weekend.

The Home Show is proud to partner with the Brisbane Visual Arts Community (BVAC) on their mission to create meaningful connections, provide a community for creatives, and build places where the community can find creativity!

Dr Judith Hamilton

Founding Member, BVAC

Judy Hamilton will be at Art Space during the Home Show and will be speaking on our Seminar Stage. She has a long involvement with art, beginning as a Secondary School Art Teacher in Queensland in 1970. In 1981 she gained a Bachelor of Education (Art and Craft), majoring in ceramics, from Melbourne State College. In 2006, she began a Bachelor of Arts (Art History) at the University of Queensland. She continued her study and was awarded her PhD in 2015. Her area of interest was the importance of community art groups in the development of an art world in Brisbane. In 2020, her book, Glory Days: Brisbane’s Art World to 1970 was published. In between these periods of study and writing, she has raised a family and worked as an artist. She was one of the founders of Brisbane Visual Arts Community in 2011.


Allie Collins Jocelyn Mitchell Nev Logan
Ally Petelski John Brigghenti Nicci Morgan
Amrita Deshpande Kara Welch Pat Jefferies
Andrea Moser Kim Blacksure Paul Benseman
Andrea Stapleton Kirstin Farr Perrin Millard
Anna-Margot Collins Lara Torrence Scott Cowcher
Barbara Fea Lester Ehrilich Shruti Kashikar
Chris Benseman Lisa Steer Sophie Lawrence
David Bartholomew Liz Izquierdo Stacey Morrison
David Van Ulzen Lyn Colquhoun Tamara Shaw
Diane Cox Lyn Fairlie Tanya Ashworth
Dianne Peach Lyn McGlade Tony Walker
Dr Judith Hamilton Lyn Spence Trevor Downes
Geeta Harmon Magaly Martell Vanessa Kuczkowski
Graham Fea Marta Blaszak Wendy Goode
Graham W. Smith Meg Wagholikar Wendy Moore
Jane Border Michele Renshaw
Jeffrey Service Michelle Payne
Joanna Faber Natalie Oldham

Live Art Demonstrations

You’ll find various live art demonstrations at the Home Show! See below for what’s planned so far.

10AM - 5PM

Textile Art

Lyn Spence and Pat Jeffries will demonstrate some unique textile art. Stop by to view some fun projects for the home such as boot door stops.

9:00AM - 3:00PM


Graham W Smith will be painting in watercolours LIVE.

9:00AM - 1:00PM

China Painting

Be mesmerised by Michele Ranshaw's meticulous china painting.

9:00AM - 1:00PM

Digital Art

Watch Sophie Lawrence make beautiful digital art.

9:30AM - 4:30PM

Mural Painting

Michelle Payne will be painting a beautiful mural on a triptych.

9:00AM - 1:00PM

Printmaking Demonstration

Get up close and personal to watch Tamara Shaw demonstrate carving and hand-printing of linocut/block prints.

9:00AM - 1:00PM

Enamelling Copper Pieces

Watch Alexandria Collins prepare wonderful copper pieces for enamelling.

9:00AM - 3:00PM


Graham W Smith will be painting in watercolours LIVE.

Sample Artwork

Scroll down for a sample of the art you’ll find at Art Space!

Di Cox

Di‘s art draws on her intuitive creativity, inspired by nature and reflecting the uniquely Australian light and colour that have saturated her being. Just as Di’s spirit is influenced by her idyllic childhood, growing up in rural north Queensland where freedom and promise abounded, so is her design approach.

Meghana Wagholikar

Meghana is a Brisbane based artist who is immensely inspired by art and artists around the world. Born in India, she migrated to Australia in 2005.

Her love and passion for art took off in 2019 which saw her pursuing art as a full fledged career and business.

Wendy Goode

Wendy is a sewist, a textile artist and an all-round lover of fabrics.

She is fascinated by what she can create with fabrics, leather, vinyl, buttons, lace, beads, ribbons, and trims.
Her goal is to create functional items, such as bags of all shapes and sizes; cushions and soft furnishings; unique clothing pieces; accessories such as neck pieces and brooches; and book and diary covers for both writing and visual purposes.

Natalie Oldham

Australian born, Natalie Oldham identifies as a Universal Citizen. Four years being the longest time living in one country.

Connection to family, nature and artistic creation became central to her sense of belonging.

Natalie’s earliest experience with clay was squatting around a Raku pit fire with her father John Hackwell, and his Art mentor Morris Kennedy. 6407ft up in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. She does not hold a degree in Visual Art, nor does she claim to be self-taught. Principles and techniques in Art were learnt from many artists over the years.

To the sound of birds in her open-air studio in Brisbane, Natalie’s medium of choice is now clay. Echoes of rich visual and multicultural memories, come to life in her contemporary pieces.

Alexandria Collins

I started enamelling at a very young age; I've continued the art throughout my childhood, and now into my twenties. I mostly enamel in the Japanese style, liking the repeating patterns and the finish that you get from such a fine style.

Having been able to do workshops in both Australia and Japan have given me a chance to experiment with different styles and techniques. I have focused more on cloisonné in my collection and for my wall piece.

I have gathered most of my inspiration for this exhibit from the abundance of colour and pattern found in patchwork quilts.

I do hope you enjoy my work.

Christina Davidsson

I am a self-taught artist, who started painting at the age of 50 when my company underwent a restructure during the pandemic. My paintings are painted with acrylic and mixed media. I paint intuitively and completely from my heart. It’s abstract art and the viewer has to decide what they see in my paintings. I love being out in nature and this is usually where I get my inspiration.

Lyn Spence

I have been embroidering and knitting since I was very young. My work has evolved as I have learnt new techniques, projects start as a concept and develop as I go along. I identify with the broad Textile Art Tribe, I use multiple materials and techniques to make a mix of decorative and functional items.
I am interested in how creative expression can enhance health and wellbeing. I love Pablo Picasso’s statement - ‘art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life…’ . I have a desire to help others use creativity to express themselves when other forms of communication are inadequate. I make what I enjoy and hope you enjoy it too.

Stacey Morrison

Biography coming soon.

Magaly Martell

I am passionate about clay. I hand
build playful, inviting objects that celebrate the beauty of clay
and add a feel of warmth and familiarity to the spaces we inhabit.
In this work I combined the soft earthy feel of clay and the strength and pliability of reed to create forms and surface treatments that carry a tactile connection with nature.

Nicci Morgan

Nicci is a professional potter based on Mt Tamborine on the Gold Coast hinterland. She sells her work under her brand PJ Pottery. Her current focus is on creating bespoke teapots often with a Steampunk flavour. She teaches and works from a purpose-built home studio and has a gallery/shop that is open by appointment.