The $4,500 Odourless Gold Toilet

Introducing the odourless toilet, a tech-packed bowl to take care of your bowels.

We’ve all heard myths & legends about super high tech toilets from the land of East Asia. Water shooting out, colourful displays and vibrating seats… Many of us are left to our imagination when it comes to this kind of stuff. It all sounds a bit… Invasive. Because for us westerners, a water stream in your toilet that sprays up instead of down is not something that comes naturally. 

The Home Show is the stage for such smart toilets so everyone can see these contraptions in real life (though not try them out unfortunately).


Expella Odourless Toilet

Starting at $693.00

This toilet is the more modest of our selection. Houzz nominated this toilet as the People’s Choice Award for Best New Product after being showcased at the Home Show. It switches on the odour control device the second you sit down, powerful silent fans suck out 99.7% of the air out straight into the sewer. No more match sticks or odour sprays.

This odour extraction is done efficiently with the use of Elicent and Dynair Fans from Maico Group, are the staple for the specialist mechanical fan company of twelve years. They plough a considerable amount of money and time into research and development for their tech, employing a team of designers and engineers to tinker with the tech.

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Odour Laboratory assessed the effectiveness of the Expella Odour Control Device as being up to 99.7% effective at removing odours. See for yourself.

The beauty about buying from an Australian company is it has extensive design development, testing, field trials, re-design, more testing, professional appraisals and yep you guessed it, more testing. 30 design variants were in the firing line in efforts to find the highest airflow performance at the least noise possible.


Tested by: CSIRO Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology Division, UNSW Atmospheric Emission and Odour Laboratory, UNSW Hydraulics Laboratory.


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Smart Toilet STA 766

Featured at almost all the Home Shows around Australia, smart toilets have made a big impact with their swiss army knife lavatory.

On average, 384 trees are cut down to make toilet paper for one person in a lifetime! That’s 9.6 billion trees for everyone alive in Australia right now. So we can add toilet paper to the roster of environmentally damaging products in 2019. And it’s a tricky one; usually, if we want to save the planet we simply ride our bicycles, insulate our homes or get solar panels. But to be a true eco-warrior, we need to eliminate toilet paper. But what’s the alternative? Leaves?

Alternatives to toilet roll



Bum Gun………….


Cloth Rags

Cardboard Tubes

Sanitary Towel……..….

Cotton Balls or Wipes….…….



Corn on the Cob

Mullein Leaves

Banana Leaves


Your Hand!


So the drawcard for environmentally conscious Australians has to be the extendable Hydro-Air Jet® nozzle which erects after pushing the ‘clean’ button on the side. The metallic arm sprays your bits with warm water infused with tiny air bubbles to ‘create a gentle massaging sensation’ but the manufacturer assures us its there to ‘clean more quickly and effectively’ first and foremost… Really.

Push another button on the side to activate the drying feature, which also flushes the toilet. Not unlike hygienic Dyson’s Airblade technology, a new nozzle slides out and begins sliding up and down blow drying the scene for three minutes at a temperature (35°C to 45°C) of your choice. Maybe one day you feel like a brisk 35°C, another day you want to treat yourself to a toasty 45°C, the choice is yours.

What’s in the bowl? 

•      Deodoriser and fan

•      Warm washing and drying nozzle

•      Seat heater 

•      Self-cleaning

•      Auto flush

•      Automated eco standby mode

In comparison to Expella’s Odourless Toilet, the Smart Toilet takes a more complicated approach to hiding your tracks. After 20 seconds of sitting on your throne, the O3 production uni pumps out a little ozone into the bowl, a bleach smelling oxidant found naturally in the ozone layer of our planet. Heavier than air, the chemical sits on the top layer of the water and sterilises the odour. The fan is then activated, sucking air through the catalytic filter and then expelled out the back. As consideration for the next toilet patron, the device sprays the bowel again with ozone.

By now you’re probably wondering how much power this super toilet consumes, with all its bells and whistles. Well, the same power as a 20 watt light bulb. It’s fully autonomous so only uses power when you sit down and shuts off when your trousers are pulled up. The biggest difficulty you might find is finding a mains socket in the bathroom.

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Fepica VOGO S350


Enter the VOGO S350, A premium one piece toilet package which sees you coming and lifts the seat up automatically ready for touch down, your highness. 

A quick history. The tech is not strictly from East Asian origins, as a hose called a bidet (French for pony) is actually very common in European countries since the 17th century, even used for contraception. Maria Carolina of Austria, Queen of Naples and Sicily, specifically requested one in her personal bathroom in the Royal Palace of Caserta. So if it’s fit for a queen, it’s fit for you! 

Speaking of royalty, the VOGO is the premium toilet offering all the latest in smart toilet technology. It offers a wide variety of benefits of the aforementioned Smart Toilet and so much more. 

Let’s admire the minimalist design which boasts a cistern free system which nestles neatly in the bathroom. You won’t find another gold toilet for sale anywhere, so if you want something to wow your guests, this is it! You can download an app which connects straight to the toilet giving your total control over all the activities during potty time.

Other features include

•      Soft close

•      Night lamp

•      Self-cleaning glaze technology

•      Siphon jet & two stage flushing mode

•      Floor mounted and wall mountable

•      Water pipe glazing

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