Urban Design Solutions


Officially, we’re in the business of building design services.

We’re a team of designers and technicians who design new homes; design renovations, extensions, and raise-ups to existing homes; and integrate building design with interior design and landscape design. We create visual designs for our clients, and detailed scale plans for the approval process and construction.

But we go above and beyond that, because our real goal is to improve lifestyles and living spaces.

We don’t produce mass market designs that ignore the site and ignore your needs. Our briefing process is all about getting in touch with the project and with you as a person. Our designs are driven by how you live, what you want, and what you need—now and in the future. Because we’re not just designing ‘a’ house. We’re designing ‘your’ house.

The end result is a beautiful design that’s perfect for your home, perfect for your family, perfect for your life.

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