The Little Spanish Grater Plate

The Little Spanish Grater Plate is a beautiful yet vibrant range of ceramics that are hand crafted by Spanish artisans.

Our Spanish grater plates are a traditional tool and a part of a unique Spanish cooking culture. These beautiful little plates are amazing for pureeing your garlic, turning your ginger into a paste, grating your chocolate & cheese and much more.

Our Grater Salad bowls are used to create salad dressing, sauces and marinades, as well as making a beautiful serving dish and adding a splash of colour to your kitchen.

This beautiful yet functional range of Spanish ceramics make amazing gifts and presents. If you love to cook, you will LOVE our Little Spanish Grater Plates! We aim to bring the taste of the Mediterranean into your kitchen.

Do you love to cook? You will love The Little Spanish Grater Plate. Free Demonstrations all day!

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