This Custom made BBQ Frame in stainless steel was built to last for the ages. The Heavy duty frame comes with a built-in insulated hotbox to keep your cooked meat and vegetables warm and also shelves for storage. There is an option to replace the shelves with a fridge at an extra cost.

The beauty of this frame is how it’s conveniently designed for consumers to choose their style of cooking, gas or charcoal. If you prefer to use your existing Gas BBQ not a worry, simply place the stainless bench on top of the frame, unfold the stainless rods on the side to store your gas cylinder and cook away.

If charcoal or wood fire is your style, remove the stainless bench top and replace with the grill frame. This Chargrill frame is built with fire rated bricks to retain heat and offers a large cooking area of 970mm (W) x 540mm (D) with stainless steel grills at 6mm thick are heavy duty.

This BBQ will provide you with all the storage needed to cook a perfect suckling pig or any meat of your choice. It is designed to impress and satisfy.

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