Pleasant State

Pleasant State is working towards a sparkling clean world that’s free of toxic cleaning chemicals and single-use plastics. We've developed Australia’s first just-add-water cleaning bars that when dissolved
make a multi-purpose, bathroom and glass cleaner. Think Berocca but for cleaning!

We’re a female-owned Aussie start-up that’s looking to change the game by focusing on a bigger purpose, not just profit. We’re on a mission to prove that doing good is good for business. For every Pleasant State product sold, we donate 2% of sales to our aligned charity, Take 3 For The Sea.

Everyday cleaning sprays are made up of 97% water. We’ve just taken the 3% active ingredients and formulated Australian made just-add-water cleaning bars that when added to our beautiful custom glass and silicone bottles, dissolve to make our healthy and effective cleaning products.

Come visit our team at the event for live demo's, special offers, sampling and your chance to test some exciting new products!

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