The PainPod relieves pain and assists with recovery from injury. It's perfect for the "tradie" or homeowner, builder/renovator who may have an old back injury, a stiff neck, aching shoulders, sore knees or feet. It's a safe, effective and portable tool that supports an active and busy lifestyle.

Based on a clinically-proven electrotherapy method called TENS — Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation — PainPod uses gentle electrical impulses to block pain signals. This works in a similar way to many drug-based painkillers, as they work on the same principle of stopping pain signals reaching your brain. However, these drugs – specifically, opioids – come with a range of side-effects, along with the risk of addiction. With TENS and PainPod, you don’t have to deal with either.

With TENS, you get more than just a drug-free alternative to stop pain signals. When you use PainPod, it also triggers your body to produce “Endorphins” – hormones that act as natural pain relievers to reduce physical or emotional stress. They also give you a sense of well-being, which is why they’re often called “feel good hormones”.

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