Paal Kit Homes

Paal Kit Homes is celebrating 51 Years of supplying the most technologically advanced, CSIRO Tested, Owner Built Steel Kit System in Australia. Proven by over 5000 Homes built across Australia. The Paal Kit System allows you to take charge of your build and control your Design, budget and timing.

Paal gives you complete flexibility over your design. All our designs can be extended, and layout changed to realise your dreams. For example, you could add an alfresco outdoor entertaining area, a vaulted ceiling, alter the kitchen layout, add a garage. The freedom is yours.

Paal is the only framing system designed to be assembled by anyone – even with no prior experience! Our unique ‘building by numbers’ system puts you in charge and you have the full backup of our world class instruction manual and our technical support team. We’re here to help. We guarantee that any PAAL Frame Kit Home can be built by following our detailed instructions. We guarantee it in writing, and we are the only kit home company who provides such a guarantee.

Visit us at the Brisbane Spring Home Show to learn more!

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