Narcotect is a Brisbane-based business providing surface drug detection products throughout Australia. These tests are simple to use, cost effective, reliable and detect up to 15 different common drugs.

Australia is one of the world’s fastest growing markets for methamphetamine (ICE). ICE can remain in surfaces for up to 20 years and is a silent danger to the health of the occupant. No-one is immune to the damaging effects of drugs.

PROTECT your loved ones from this hidden danger by testing today.

*.Respiratory complications
* Eczema
* Skin conditions
* Unintentional weight gain/loss
* Headaches
* Asthma

Planning on renting or purchasing any property? DONT'T RISK IT - TEST IT
SAVE yourself from any financial burden; DON'T buy any contaminated property.

*.Houses (rent/purchase)
* Business premises
* Used vehicles
* Rental vehicles (care/caravans)
* Storage sheds
* Maritime vessels
* Educational facilities
* Secondhand furniture
Just to name a few

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