Expert Electrical

Expert Electrical are Electricians who specialise in residential, commercial and off grid solar. The off grid space is where they shine - our head Electrician Ben is highly skilled in off grid work and is often working on remote beach and bush properties getting customers connected to power.
But wait - that is not all we do!! Expert Electrical are electricians first and this means that our our team is highly skilled when it comes to installing batteries, electric vehicle chargers, general electrical work including power and meter box upgrades and air-conditioning.

Here is a little bit about us:

- We’re a family-owned and operated company, built from the ground up.

- We’ve been around for close on 13 years. Ben, our head electrician and company principal, started out installing solar solutions in 2010. Since then we’ve completed over 10,000 solar installations.

- We’re based in Brendale on the north side of Brisbane, serving customers as far as Central Queensland and Northern New South Wales. But we’re not so far that we can’t easily get to you when needed.

- And, of course, we’re… "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie"…proudly Australian.

Come and meet the team at The Brisbane Spring Home Show!

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