EARTHFOOD™ is an all-in-one 100% USDA and OMRI certified organic plant 'grow' and soil improver concentrate. It is powered by live microbes.

It increases the effectiveness of plants growing up to 40% more growth, more lush, and more produce per area. It creates 40% more protein per above ground green leaf, saves up to 70% more water*.

Food grown with EARTHFOOD is tastier, richer and the correct microorganisms to assist our gut biome for best health. It turns dead dirt into living soil - all this when not used with any other fertilisers or pesticides / herbicides, which is part of the climate change solution.

[Responsible] EARTHFOOD is 100% bee kind, frog friendly, reef safe, pet and child friendly.

The groundswell of biological revolution is happening now and the understanding of the impact of toxic fertilisers on our planet and our foods is growing. EARTHFOOD is an all-natural, 100% organic growth enhancer that has zero negative impact on plants, foods and soils. It is rainforest in a bottle. Naturally Better.

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