Dreamfencing Australia

DreamFencing Australia PTY LTD is a wholly owned Australian entity with the same vision, delivering your dream Fence, the last fence you will ever need to build. PVC Fencing is Termite free, will not rot never needs to be painted and comes with a lifetime guarantee. DreamFencing products are safe and non toxic. They do not contain lead or require the heavy metals and dangerous chemicals needed to treat and maintain timber. All products are environmentally safe, and because timber isn't used trees are left standing. There aren't any chemicals used that might contaminate your yard, and our PVC does not break down when exposed to soil, groundwater or the elements of nature. DreamFencing products are safe even for the youngest members of your family. All of our PVC Products have a smooth surface. There are no nails sharp edges or splinters.
DreamFencing is formulated from raw materials including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), UV inhibitors and impact modifiers. Titanium Dioxide (TI02) is a chemical additive that acts as a sunscreen for DreamFencing. DreamFencing utilises impact modifiers as an important ingredient for all of its PVC Products. these impact modifiers add just enough flexibility so DreamFencing systems will flex under most impacts. Many fence styles are reinforced with aluminium inserts to insure strength and stability.

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