CAS Shield

CAS Shield was developed in 2019 when Tristan Botha realised there were few ways to limit bad tradies and customers from engaging the general public.
"I was renovating my own home for the first time, engaging tradies and it was a mammoth task figuring out if they would come back once I paid these large deposits. I wanted peace of mind that they were trust worthy, and I am sure they wanted that from me as well."

We wanted a way to protect customers and tradies from ending up on a 60 minutes report for being ripped off and to encourage trustworthy transactions. Customer And Supplier (CAS) Shield was developed with the core values of Trust and Transparency being at the centre of its inception.

Every part of the CAS Shield platform has gone through rigorous testing for security and verification. Come chat to us at the Brisbane Autumn Home Show to learn more!

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