Brissi Structural Investigations

Brisbane Structural Investigations (Brissi) is a small team of structural and forensic engineers, specialising in the investigation of damage and failures to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We have designed, inspected and investigated thousands of structures throughout South East Queensland and beyond, experience counts.
We pride ourselves on our product, on site when you need us, report back to you within days. All of our reports are fact based, un-biased and signed off by a RPEQ/NER qualified Structural Engineer for peace of mind.

We inspect, analyse and report on failures and damage. Our goal is to uncover the cause of the issue, assess the structural significance of the damage, and recommend the most cost-effective rectification if required. We can help you with any structural issue you may have.
Forensic Engineering (failure investigation) is the area in which we provide speciality services that focus mainly on structural cracking from subsidence/settlement using accurate digital level measuring equipment

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