Bettergrip Tools

Better grip Tools: Better grip tools replaced hundreds of dollars worth of Tools and minimises the amount of Tools you are carrying. From 2mm to 68mm. Fitting multiple sizes with exceptional gripping power. Locking onto nuts, bolts, and pipes. Fitting any shape - square, hex, round, damaged or burred. With a ratchet style action the Better grip Tools are fast, strong and money saving Tools. Perfect for the Home, Garden, Boat, Caravan or Trade. Come to our Stand for a Special Launch and Show Price. As seen on TV.

Sharpen-All: The new Sharpen-all system saves you buying new tools, secateurs, knives or scissors, just recycle and use all your old ones.
No more blunt shears, lawnmower blades, secateurs, knives or scissors. Will re-grind your lawnmower blades at the correct angle easily saving you having to replace them, which is very costly.
Very easy to use, sharpens the bluntest of blades in moments.

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