Australian Community Developments Pty Ltd

The ACD Groups 3 businesses are

ACD Realty specialises in real estate sales and market trends with over 40 years of practical experience and knowledge.

Australian Community Developments (ACD) specialises in property development, town planning, architectural design and development assessments.

ACD Best Builder For You is a well established company, skilled in building and construction specialists in the new home, land subdivision and community living market.

Through these combined services we are able to offer free, exclusive but strictly confidential information and advice to identified AAA property owners and also provide special access to

A vast network of highly qualified specialists with over 60 years in local market understanding.

Premium pricing for identified AAA property due to high market demand and through our industry recognised & ACD Group approved network of AAA developers, investors & buyers.

Council Development, Operational & Contract support so you remain in control right the way through the process.
Feasibility studies & cost analysis for property development and growth market areas. Respected industry senior agents who only work with AAA clients.

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