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See what’s new for your new build or renovation. From kitchens, bathroom products, interiors, outdoor, energy saving products and more!

Archicad Version 21 Software


Experience your design brought to life in full 3D via internal walk-throughs and external fly-overs, with state-of-the-art technology.

Archicad Version 21 software includes an exciting BIMx app which allows you to review your design all in the comfort of your own home. Now you can imagine a design that is uniquely yours, with the design expertise of IRP Architects.

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Tank Walls


Tank Walls are a retaining wall system, which can store rainwater and has a garden planter box on top.

GROW – grow plants in the garden bed
STORE – store and reuse harvested rainwater
RETAIN – use as structural retaining wall

Tank Walls are made of steel reinforced high-grade concrete and offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional retaining walls & conventional rainwater storage tanks.

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Regency Mansfield


The Regency Mansfield delivers both function and style. This product offers you the ability to load your wood from both sides and control the burn rate from two separate areas. Now you can create open, dynamic room designs by connecting two rooms with a see-through fireplace.

Regency GF1500LST


The new Regency GF1500LST double-sided gas heater brings convenience and style together in a stunning duet. The artistically designed driftwood log set and glowing ember bed provide the ambiance of a wood fire, but at the click of a button. This heater also boasts large glass viewing areas on both sides and can be enjoyed in not just one space, but two. The GF1500LST is the final piece of the puzzle to tie together those two rooms in your home.

The home ownership journey, made simple


Brixn is re-defining the real estate experience; simplifying the journey by launching Australia’s first smart phone app dedicated to helping you navigate buying a home.

Users can track their progress in real time, directly select a broker & conveyancers and confidently navigate the process using hints & tips.

Whole Body Vibration Massage Therapy


The WBVM encourages great circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system. Not only can it assist with rehabilitation by encouraging the release of Human Growth Hormone a key to regeneration and repair. Back pain is debilitating, the WBVM stimulates the release of natural hormones, when these hormones combine they can create chemicals that NATURALLY suppress pain.

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Aero Dual Roller System


Our innovative Aero dual roller system, offers a premium
aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced solution.
Controlling two blinds with either a single chain or independent
spring mechanism, raising and lowering blinds to your preferred top
and bottom locations, in a smooth and controlled motion, with one
simple touch.

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Bang & Olufsen speakers


Beautiful Sound and powerful performance

Bang & Olufsen speaker transforms domestic acoustics with 2,100 watts of precision power.

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Who is Alexa? She is Amazon's new virtual assistant.

This voice-activated virtual assistant can perform a variety of simple tasks, like playing music or checking the weather, but it also has the ability to be used for more intelligent actions such as dimming the lights, locking the doors, adjusting the thermostat, or even turning your TV on.

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Home Energy Management


PowerGenius Home Energy Management System automatically manages how power is used in your home. PowerGenius will increase the utilisation of the renewable energy you generate, reducing your dependence on mains power. You can rest easy knowing PowerGenius is saving you money, and saving the planet.